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“Your stove is only as good as the fuel you’re burning.” - The most used saying here at Morley Stoves.

Whether your stove is running but only gives little flame and little heat, keeps going out, leaving you with a charred log in the firebox or having constantly blacked out windows - 95% of the time these issues are down to poor, damp fuel being used on the stove.

The quality of fuel is a burning issue! Wood when green has a moisture content of around 35%, for wood to burn efficiently the moisture content needs to be reduced to less than 25% (HETAS guidelines) meaning the wood needs to be ‘seasoned’. Seasoning wood means allowing air flow through the wood for a good 1-2 years before being ready for burning. This process allows the sap and moisture to dry out.

At our showroom in Ware we have a full range of all the fuel you could want for your wood burning or multi-fuel stove.
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