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The Big Green Egg


Foolproof, reliable, and you know what?
 It’ll make you feel good. Seriously. It will.

The Big Green Egg has become the world's largest producer of kamado-style cookers and are redefining how you barbecue. When cooking on an EGG your food will always be perfectly cooked not only that - it will look and taste delicious. It is a smoker, a grill and an oven and can cook any food all year round.

The Egg’s versatility is celebrated in the kitchen of professional chefs; Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, Raymond Blanc, Claude Bossi to name but a few; in the home of vegetarians and at the heart of many butchers!

Every Egg is handmade by someone who knows their kamodos, so no two are the same. The ancient Japanese wisdom that underpins every barbeque is only enhanced by our unique, modern innovation - which is why there has never been a single return. Every Egg is guaranteed for lifetime!

The Big Green Egg is available in 5 sizes from the MiniMax up to the XX-Large and a fantastic range of cooking accessories can be had.
For more info please call our very own Eggheads at our showroom in Ware on 01920 468 001, or better still come in and see us and check them out!
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