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Trade Services – Ware – Morley Stove Company


Here at Morley Stoves we offer two sides of our trade business:

Trade Installations

We work closely with a number of local and national building companies, developers, architects, designers etc. We offer our full in-house installation package as we do to our retail customers, but we can work closely with designers and architects to fit into new builds or existing developments. We are happy to help with forthcoming tenders on singular and on multiple unit sites, and happy to offer our expertise in the process from design to installation.

Morley Stoves Trade Counter

In March 2015 we opened our own direct to trade supply only business “Morley Stoves Trade”. We saw this part of our business increase rapidly and believed we can offer a model to suit all, especially with the opening of our new warehouse we have had built on our site here in Ware (see photo above).

We have introduced this side of our business to supply local installers with all the kit they need to service their customers from a friendly, local firm. This gives installers peace of mind that if a part is needed you can get it the same day – no delays to your next job; no further storage costs for your materials; a greater offering & better service to your customers. Our new storage is allowing us to hold larger stock levels, and best of all, Competitive Prices!

Our offering includes:
  • Stoves (don’t just make money on your install!)
  • Stove Parts
  • Flexible Flue liners and adaptors
  • ICID Twin Wall Flue Liner
  • Vitreous Enamel flue pipe
  • Prima Smooth flue pipe
  • Bird guards
  • Flashings
  • ….and much more!
Come and see us to discuss this opportunity and to set-up your account with Morley Stoves Trade!
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